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Our web-design process

Our passion is to create websites that not only look amazing, but communicate effectively to your target audience.

To help achieve this, we use the following process when designing any website:


Step 1


First we find out what you want to achieve with your website. Once the goals are clear, we take any content you have and come up with a concept for the structure and layout of your site.

Step 2


After creating a concept, we will send it to you to look over it to request changes and suggestions. We will then send the concept back to you a second time to confirm that you are happy.

Step 3


Now start building your actual site. Please note that it is not uncommon to not have all your content ready at this stage. We can use 'dummy' text and images until the content is available.


Step 4


Once we have built your site we will get you to inspect every page and suggest any further changes or problems you may encounter. We ask that you look at it on as many devices as possible.

Step 5


After you have reviewed the site, we make any final changes, and optimisation for mobile, tablet etc. We optimise your site for search engines and submit the site to Google for indexing.

Step 6


Our clients love our sites because they are to look after and keep up to date. When the site has gone live, we give one-on-one tuition on how to use the Squarespace tools to do what you want.